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Streamlined Fundraising Software Led to Success for Healing Bridge Clinic

Like most nonprofits, The Healing Bridge Clinic in Peachtree City, GA had humble beginnings. The organization started in 2008 as an idea. Members of a local church, whose congregation included many healthcare workers, felt there was a need to reach those without access to medical care. In September 2009, the church members started seeing patients and served 5 to 6 patients a month. By 2020, the organization served 1,100 patients and provided $1.2 million in medical care.

Consolidated Software & Lower Costs Improves Efficiency

When Mike Conaway was hired as Healing Bridge Clinic’s first full-time executive director, his first focus was building the organization’s fundraising capacity. Healing Bridge Clinic was initially using MailChimp, Excel Spreadsheets, Donation, and QuickBooks to manage their donor relationships. After one too many headaches bouncing between systems, Mike quickly realized that the organization needed a streamlined fundraising software to consolidate their work. Enter Network for Good.

When Mike started, he was overworked and overwhelmed like many nonprofit leaders. “We’re in the midst of creating a strategic plan and how we’re going to build the clinic and make a difference in the community. But all that happens from being able to track stuff, right? Donor relations, community partnerships, using Network for Good events pages, and tracking all that.”

Mike, who started out as the organization’s board chair, said his agency as Executive Director was helpful in getting Network for Good’s Donor Management Software. He requested $3,000 based on his research, but was able to tell the Board he found a program to meet all their needs that would cost less than his initial request. Talk about a win-win! 

“If I wanted to find out when the last time you’ve donated was, I had to look in four different places to even find your name, then it was a crapshoot if it had been updated and your last donation was even listed.” 

Healing Bridge Clinic

Easy-to-Use System Increases Donor Engagement  

When using MailChimp, Healing Bridge Clinic had to update their email list and Excel spreadsheets separately, or donors would not receive their communications. Now, they just update the NFG software and it’s done. They can also replicate old communications and alter them for future events. What’s more, they now send video acknowledgement messages that their donors love!:

“People love it because it’s unique… half the people have provided some type of feedback saying thank you for the video, awesome job, never seen that before, how does that work, that’s really cool. When I sent handwritten notes, I never heard anything back from that.” 

Our Customer Support Provides Foundation for Success

When Healing Bridge Clinic got started with Network for Good, they had several meetings with their Customer Success Manager to help them get started. Mike uses Network for Good’s knowledge base well, but when he can’t find information, he uses Network for Good’s chat messenger because he works outside normal business hours. He says he gets a response immediately or the next day. 

With this kind of support, Healing Bridge Clinic was able to double their number of recurring donors!  To Mike, this success highlights the value of their investment in Network for Good’s donor-friendly experience: 

“It was super easy…I had a couple video meetings with [our customer success manager]. He walked me through to set it up. But it’s so user-friendly the support isn’t really needed…It was a great investment for us and I’m excited that we have it.”

Curious if your organization could benefit from an all-in-one fundraising software? Get a free demo today to see if Network for Good is right for you.

Photo courtesy of Healing Bridge Clinic

Published: February 4, 2022

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