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First Tee—Metro Atlanta boosts supporter engagement through Network for Good’s communication features

First Tee—Metro Atlanta is a youth development organization that teaches life skills and character development through the game of golf to children ages seven to 17. Each year, the organization hosts three eight-week sessions which provide learning experiences to build inner strength, self-confidence, and resilience in young people within the community. Additionally, they host events throughout the year such as golf scrambles, participant celebrations, and Teen Summit to further their mission.

Priscilla McDowell, First Tee—Metro Atlanta administrative marketing and events coordinator, joined the organization part-time in 2017 and transitioned to a full-time role in 2018. When she joined the organization, they had recently onboarded to Network for Good and quickly saw the benefits of the platform. In 2017, the organization set a goal of doubling their fundraising in the next five years. With Network for Good, they exceeded this goal, doubling their fundraising in just three years, increasing from $600,000 to $1.2 million total raised by the organization.

“We are looking to grow,” said Priscilla. “So, anything that saves us time, anything that helps us get the word out and tell our story is going to help us. So we can focus on the actual work which is impacting the lives of the youth and our community.”

Decluttering donor data through an all-in-one platform

Prior to joining Network for Good, First Tee—Metro Atlanta was utilizing spreadsheets to track donor information and a basic email platform to communicate with supporters.

“When I started, I had a stack of paper going back months and months [with donor information]. It was obvious what they were doing before was very time-consuming,” said Priscilla. “Network for Good’s capabilities made it much easier to track and afforded us the ability to expand our donor base.”

Now, First Tee—Metro Atlanta is able to track donor and program participant information in one place, easily contact them with updates and donation acknowledgments, and look back year-over-year to see their most active recurring donors.

Boosting donor and supporter engagement through communication tools

In addition to cleaning up their donor database, First Tee—Metro Atlanta has been able to boost engagement with donors and supporters through the email features within Network for Good.

“I love the communications aspect of [the platform],” said Priscilla. “We created a quarterly newsletter that goes out to anyone who has had any interest in the organization. It’s an easy way to add them to our database whether they donated or not.”

Having the ability to easily share information with people who have expressed interest in the organization through email newsletters has been a game changer.  They simply added a button to the homepage of their website where people can sign up for their newsletter. This has allowed them to further pique those potential supporters’ interest by sending out information for upcoming events, like their GivingTuesday event and upcoming golf marathon, share impact stories, and how they can get involved with First Tee—Metro Atlanta.

Priscilla also loves the analytics and tracking features built into the Network for Good platform. She’s able to easily see who received, opened, and interacted with emails the organization sends. Plus, she can easily see how much fundraising is attributed to specific events and efforts based on donor behavior.

For example, First Tee—Metro Atlanta has hosted several memorial fundraisers in which a fundraising page is created in honor of someone or for a specific cause, and all donations are made in that individual’s honor. The fundraising pages are very easy to create based on the information provided and they’re able to track these donations within the Network for Good platform and attribute them to the campaign.

“The constant communication helped us become more confident in our fundraising and build a stronger donor community,” said Priscilla. “The ability to create recurring fundraising campaigns helps us to be more familiar with what we have going on, but also become more familiar with our donor base. You guys give us the information we need to see who responds to what, what piques different donors’ interest, and what kinds of messages and stories they are interested in and want to read more about. I can see all of that directly in the communication and email features, which has been greatly appreciated.”

First Tee—Metro Atlanta also saw success utilizing Network for Good’s text messaging feature after one of their big fundraising campaigns. “We got a lot of positive feedback and donors were surprised,” said Priscilla. “They hadn’t seen anything like that before and it’s a little more personal, so it’s like you’re giving them more special treatment.” She says they plan to utilize this feature more in the future.

Saving time and boosting productivity, plus standout customer support

Network for Good has been a huge time-saver and efficiency-booster for First Tee—Metro Atlanta. They’re able to easily pull donation information for tax purposes at year-end and send automated and personalized acknowledgements for donations throughout the year. Plus, multiple staff members and volunteers can access the account, allowing them to get more done while also tracking which tasks were completed by each person.

When it comes to customer service, Priscilla says Network for Good is “excellent! You guys are always really responsive. At certain times it will say there’s a delay, but it’s usually still immediate. I had an issue that I figured I wouldn’t get a response for until the next day, but wanted to send it while it was top of mind. I still got a response right away. That was really special.”

Interested in learning more about how Network for Good can help you declutter your donor data, boost supporter engagement, and raise more? Request a free demo today!

Published: August 16, 2023

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