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Texas Diaper Bank Increased Donor Engagement & Giving with Network for Good

Did you know that 1 in 3 families do not have access to an adequate supply of diapers? That is a statistic that 10 United Methodist churches in San Antonio, TX came together to change in their community.

The churches, which established a nonprofit to promote health and wellness, refocused the organization’s mission in 2010 to a vital, but often forgotten need: diapers. The Texas Diaper Bank offers a reliable source of diapers in local communities and developed several initiatives throughout the pandemic to ensure individuals had a reliable supply of diapers, feminine products, and PPE. 

During this time of need, efficient and effective fundraising was more important for the organization than ever before. Network for Good’s all-in-one fundraising software offered the Texas Diaper Bank’s staff the ability to reach donors with messages that resonated with them while still leaving time for work to advance the organization’s mission. 

All-in-One Platform Makes All the Difference 

Before using Network for Good, one of the main challenges the Texas Diaper Bank team faced was accessing accurate reporting. Ashley Colwell, the Texas Diaper Bank’s Development Coordinator, focused her work largely on fundraising campaigns and donor retention. Success in both areas relies on easily accessible donor data. According to Ashley, Network for Good’s system makes it easy for her to find just what she or a colleague needs in a short amount of time: 

“I think it [Network for Good] is easy to understand, so that if someone asks for a specific report, I don’t need a whole lot of details to figure out what information it is that they need.”

Her favorite thing about Network for Good is its all-in-one, simple, yet sophisticated, platform.

“I really like that the fundraising is built into it [the system], because one of the issues that I always had was trying to find like a fundraising platform that’s integrated with the customer relationship management (CRM) system we used for donor information. I really love that the peer-to-peer page and donation pages are just all built into it already.”

Texas Diaper Bank Drives Donor Engagement

Double the Impact With Easy Donor Communications

Since adopting an all-in-one platform, the Texas Diaper Bank experienced an increase in recurring donations. Leveraging Network for Good’s built-in filters and lists to send customized communications to segments of their donor base also allowed Ashley and her team to take a more tailored approach to fundraising. 

“I like that in Network for Good, you can create specified audiences of which to send emails. The recommended filters (e.g., people who haven’t donated in the last 30 days), or ‘lapsed donors,’ make it incredibly easy to run a campaign and convert lapsed donors to active.”

The Next Step: Events and Auctions 

The Texas Diaper Bank is excited about the prospect of using Network for Good’s auction software in tandem with their in-person events to offer donors an integrated event experience. “One of the issues I always had was trying to find a software platform that integrated with donor information…with Network For Good’s auction feature it is built into the CRM,” Ashley said. “With a lot of donor CRMs, it’s not built into the system. You must find some other kind of platform that integrates so they talk to each other, and the information goes back and forth. With Network for Good, it’s all in one spot.” 

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Published: February 28, 2022

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