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Deaconess Nurse Ministry Saves Time & Supports More People with Donor Management Software

Founded in 1989, Deaconess Nurse Ministry exists to provide whole-person healthcare to individuals young and old throughout greater St. Louis, MO. Instead of waiting for people to come to them, Deaconess’ nurses meet people in need at food pantries and affordable housing communities. And their care doesn’t end when a person’s exam is over. The nurses provide access to free and reduced-cost medications and work with other organizations to offer housing, therapy, and more.

Emmy Guthrie, a member of Deaconess Nurse Ministry’s development staff, says it best: “we have a mandate to support vulnerable people in our community.” For a direct service organization like Deaconess Nurse Ministry, making time for fundraising isn’t easy, but it is important. That’s why this organization finds Network for Good’s easy-to-use donor management system an invaluable tool in their work.

All-in-One System Shows the Whole Picture

Deaconess Nurse Ministry previously used Trailblazer and MailChimp to manage their fundraising. With Network for Good, Emmy loves that “everything is in one place. With just a few clicks, I can see all of the data rather than only seeing email insights,” she explains. “Everything’s linked up and I can see the whole picture. It’s just easier.”

What’s more, Network for Good’s web-based system is accessible anywhere. There’s no app that needs to be downloaded, and the mobile-friendly platform makes it easy to access information on the go.

Clear and Consistent Tracking and Reporting

When it comes to successful fundraising, accurate and accessible data is essential. Network for Good’s system offers both to the Deaconess Nurse Ministry. According to Emmy, the system makes it “really easy” for her to track when and how individuals donated to the Deaconess Nurse Ministry.

The same goes for donation reporting: “when I need to run a report, it is very clear to me to see it,” Emmy said. “All the email campaign [reporting] is also in the same place, which is nice.” With this information, Emmy can review an email’s reach and donors’ response to the appeal. That information offers invaluable insights when planning future fundraising activities.

Previously, Emmy and her team members had to review each donation and determine where each donor wanted their funds allocated. This process was tedious and took their time away from other fundraising activities. Using Network for Good took the guesswork out of this process and made it easier at the same time.

Service and Support Sets Network For Good Apart

What Emmy appreciates most about Network for Good can’t be found in a spreadsheet or within a database. It is the customer service and support she receives:

“When I have a question about the system or I run into a challenge, I know I can call for help,” Emmy says. “There’s someone available to answer my questions or walk me through the situation.”

In fact, Emmy says she often recommends Network for Good to her peers at other nonprofits who are looking for support with fundraising.

Saving Time While Advancing Mission

Working with Network for Good offers the Deaconess Nurse Ministry more of a valuable resource: time.

Thanks to Network for Good’s easy- to- use system, Emmy can set up online fundraising campaigns or run a report in a matter of minutes. That leaves her more time to help Deaconess’ nurses with patient paperwork.

When I don’t have as much fundraising work, I have more time to help people,” Emmy says.

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** Deaconess Nurse Ministry experiences efficiencies and improvements using case management software from our sister company, Social Solutions. Read more about how Social Solutions’ Apricot case management software supports Deaconess to increase funding and improve administration tasks.

Published: September 9, 2022

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