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10 powerful tactics for nonprofits to acquire new supporters before year-end fundraising campaigns

Ice cream cones, pool days, sunscreen, kids out of school, beach hair–the sweetness of summer is coming to a close. It may seem premature to start thinking about the end of the year. However, for nonprofits, it is time to prioritize attracting new supporters prior to kicking off year-end campaigns. Below are some tactics for nonprofits to build up their supporter lists before the start of the busy fundraising season!

1. Create compelling content.

Develop a content marketing strategy that focuses on delivering valuable and engaging content. Use Canva to create compelling visuals (don’t miss out on the nonprofit discount!). Consider writing blog posts, creating informative videos, or producing podcasts that educate, inspire, and evoke emotions. Optimize your content for search engines to increase organic traffic and showcase your expertise in the field.

2. Engage with local communities.

Engage with local businesses, other nonprofits, or community groups by participating in relevant events and initiatives. Set up booths or sponsor events that align with your organization’s purpose. Actively engage with attendees, distribute promotional materials, and exchange contact information.

3. Offer multiple ways to contribute.

Provide various ways for supporters to contribute, such as volunteering or donating. Cater calls to action to attract different levels of commitment and engagement. Make sure that the instructions for how to get involved are very clearly outlined on your website and other promotional materials!

Network for Good’s fundraising pages allow you to set suggested donation amounts, customize donation receipts, and share fundraising updates with donors so you can optimize the giving experience for donors.

4. Host virtual information sessions to cultivate relationships.

Organize virtual information sessions to introduce your organization. Use Zoom to connect with potential supporters in an interactive and informative manner. Ask questions, use polls, and even facilitate breakout sessions to get your community chatting and exchanging new ideas.

5. Collaborate with influencers and bloggers.

Partner with social media influencers and bloggers who align with your organization’s purpose. Engage them in creating content that promotes your cause and encourages their followers to support your organization. Influencers can amplify your message, attract new audiences, and inspire action. Don’t be afraid to message some influencers online to see if they are interested in promoting your cause!

6. Seek local media coverage.

Reach out to local media outlets such as newspapers, radio stations, or television networks to share your nonprofit’s story and impact. Earned media coverage boosts your organization’s reputation and credibility, which can help attract new supporters.

7. Leverage email marketing.

You should have a consistent email marketing strategy year-round, but you can use this time before end-of-year to ramp up your communications and reach potential supporters directly. Develop targeted email lists and segment your audience based on their interests and engagement level. Personalize your messages, tell impactful stories, and clearly outline how individuals can contribute.

8. Run digital advertising campaigns.

Allocate a portion of your budget to run targeted digital advertising campaigns. Platforms like Google Ad Grants, Facebook Ads, or LinkedIn Ads can help you reach specific demographics, geographies, or interest groups. Develop captivating ads that drive traffic to your website or landing pages, focusing on the value of supporting your organization. Don’t have the budget for paid promotions? You can still reach your people with organic digital content! Use relevant hashtags, engage with your audience, and encourage them to share your posts to amplify your reach.

9. Organize webinars or online workshops.

Offer webinars or online workshops related to your organization’s cause or expertise. Share valuable insights, tips, or educational content that attracts individuals who are passionate about the same issues. Provide opportunities for engagement, Q&A sessions, and offer follow-up resources to cultivate relationships with participants.

10. Provide transparency and accountability.

Clearly communicate how donations are utilized and the impact they have on your nonprofit’s work in order to build trust with future supporters. Share annual reports, financial statements, and success stories to demonstrate accountability and transparency.

Acquiring new supporters is crucial for the success of your nonprofit’s year-end fundraising campaign. By implementing these ten powerful tactics, you can expand your network and engage individuals passionate about your cause. Remember to tailor your strategies to suit your organization’s unique goals and maintain a consistent and personalized approach to foster lasting relationships with your new supporters.

Interested in additional tips as you prep for your year-end campaign? Download our Comprehensive year-end fundraising plan featuring everything you need for a successful year-end!

Looking for additional support for your nonprofit’s fundraising operations? Reach out to Devine & Parker Consulting to learn more about how we can help you succeed.

About the author:

Devine & Parker Consulting empowers nonprofit organizations to build sustainable and scalable fundraising operations so that they can maximize their impact and fulfill their missions.


Published: July 25, 2023

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