Events That Keep Your Donors Talking and Giving

Events That Keep Your Donors Talking and Giving

Design your fundraising event to make a bigger impact on your mission by centering the guest experience. While fundraising events often center a theme and the fun, donors are looking now more than ever for meaning.

By designing for your purpose, you can create an event that increases engagement, educates donors and leaves them telling others about your mission and your work. All while increasing your fundraising.

The guest experience has never been more important and yet it’s so easy to lose that while being buried in the details and task lists.

Samantha Swaim will discuss how the busy fundraiser can focus their work for the biggest impact. She will share examples of events designed for purpose and will leave you with some easy steps to adopt for your next event.

Speaker: Samantha Swaim, Founder of Swaim Strategies


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