Turn Your Board Into a Lead Generating Machine

Turn Your Board Into a Lead Generating Machine

“I want my board to support our fundraising, and I can’t get them to do it.” You’ve given them talking points, ask for names or leads, or even asked them to call donors with simple thank you’s and it doesn’t get done.

If this is you, then the good news is: You are not alone & this powerful tool will release resistance and have your board opening those doors…finally!

Most board members are awesome people committed to putting good work into your organization. Yet, fundraising can be intimidating.

That’s why we’ll teach you how to simplify your board’s role in your fundraising to make it super easy and fun for them to connect with potential supports and generate leads for you…without feeling rejected, ineffective or pushy.


  • Understand barriers and fears to participating in fundraising
  • Define your donor pipeline and the board members’ role in supporting it
  • Learn a new tool for connecting with potential donors that takes away all the barriers and fears
  • Ways to systematize this approach so the leads are flowing to you with ease
  • How to create excitement and energy around fundraising

Speaker: Founder & Chief Excitement Officer, Courageous Communication


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