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Metamon Island APK

version: 1.6.2

Catch tiny Metamon in the wild! Tap to train and heal monsters when needed!

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Virus free

  • Metamon Island APK
  • Metamon Island APK
  • Metamon Island APK
  • Metamon Island APK
  • Metamon Island APK
Editor Review

You got to the Metamon Island - the magic Monster World! Explore new island with your metamon pet team. Exciting catching and battle game is started!

As you walk around the island, watch around carefully! You can meet one monster, or a whole squad of them! Get ready - catching and collecting idle monsters in this crazy metamon quest game won't be a walk in the park! Your pocket pet must win so you could add a new member to your monster team.

Now you're a monster hunter and trainer! Every level you will collect points and spend them on upgrading and evolving cute monsters. Train and tune your pets to grow them up and win battles. And don't forget to send them to base timely, to heal and recover! The stronger your monsters the easier it will be for you to go through the levels

Game features:
- Idle clicker games mechanics
- Simple gameplay, easy to control
- An endless frontier to explore
- The further you go, the more rare monsters appear

Believe in yourself and in your team! Begin Your Journey! Fight other Metamon and win battles, to collect money and progress in the game.

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