How to Pitch Fundraising Software to Your Board

How to Pitch Fundraising Software to Your Board

Download the tools you need to pitch new fundraising software to your board and make your team’s work easier, more efficient, and more successful.

If your nonprofit isn’t using fundraising software, or if the software you currently use isn’t effectively supporting your needs, then it’s time to approach your board about a better way. The right fundraising software makes it easy to track donors over time, automate and target your communications, manage event ticketing and promotion, cultivate major donors, and more. It also helps your organization save time, money, and staff resources—benefits that speak loudly to your executive board.

As a fundraising pro, you probably know a lot about this subject, but your board members likely need a little Fundraising Software101. That’s why we wrote this brief for you!

Arrive prepared to answer all your board’s questions. Use this brief to organize your thoughts. Then, use our customizable templates to create a ready-to-deliver board presentation and memo that make a winning case.  

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