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5 Reasons Social Media is One of the Most Valuable Nonprofit Marketing Tools

In today’s society, people are spending more and more time online. According to Pew Research Center, 85% of people have a smartphone. Plus, many people are active on a number of social media platforms This is where we share life updates with friends and family, get inspiration from others, and even consume news. That’s why it’s imperative for your nonprofit organization to have a presence on these platforms: the right social media strategy will allow you to meet supporters where they are and make sure your organization is easy to access and interact with. Here are five reasons nonprofit social media is one of the most valuable marketing tools at your disposal:

1. It’s Accessible.

Social media is one of the most accessible ways to promote your organization’s purpose because it’s easy to set up a profile and it’s free to get started. While it will require some staff or volunteer time to establish your presence and maintain your profile, it’s still a valuable resource to build into your nonprofit marketing strategy. This free nonprofit marketing tool allows you to share your organization’s latest news and updates, promote your latest fundraising campaign, and strengthen relationships with your supporters.

2. You Can Tailor it to Your Audience. 

Because there are so many social media platforms to choose from, you have the opportunity to choose which ones make the most sense for your organization. Consider your target donor audience as well as the constituents you serve. First ask yourself, what demographics do these stakeholders fall into? Then do some research on each social media platform to see where your different audiences are engaging. If you mostly work with baby boomers, for example, then you may want to prioritize establishing a Facebook page. If you work more with millennials and Generation Z then you might decide it’s more important to establish an Instagram and a TikTok.

3. It’s a Great Relationship Builder. 

While social media is a great way to keep your existing supporters and donors updated, it’s also an incredible way to make new connections. Sharing information about the work your organization is doing will pique the interest of prospective supporters and encourage them to reach out to learn more. Plus, your existing supporters can easily share your posts with their network, attracting even more prospects. It’s also a great way to humanize and create a personality for your organization through the content you share and the interactions you have with followers. Finally, sharing donor testimonials and shout-outs allows you to recognize existing supporters while showing prospects some of the benefits of supporting your organization.

4. It Drives Traffic to Your Website and Improves SEO. 

Linking to your organization’s website in social media posts is a great way to boost traffic, and ultimately increase donations. Additionally, posting on social media could indirectly improve your organization’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When you include links to your website in social media posts and people share those posts, it boosts the credibility of your nonprofit’s website. Over time, as more people share those posts and create back links to your site, it could indicate to Google that your site features quality content and indirectly improve SEO—making it even easier for donors to find you when they search the web for your organization or cause

5. It’s an Extension of Your Fundraising Technology. 

As you work to create fundraising campaigns in the Network for Good platform, social media is a great way to extend your efforts to increase success. If you utilize Network for Good’s peer-to-peer fundraising features, encourage supporters who are hosting a campaign to share via social media. This will extend the reach of the campaign, make the most of your staff hours, and increase donations. For example, maybe you’re utilizing the text-to-give feature. Share your number as a quick and easy option for people to donate. And of course, share a link to your Network for Good fundraising page frequently so it’s always top of mind.

Social media is clearly a great nonprofit marketing tool to extend your reach and engage with supporters. Interested in learning more about how to get started with nonprofit social media and what kind of content to post on each platform? Download The Ultimate Nonprofit Social Media Guide to learn more.

Published: February 14, 2023

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