The Philanthropic Heart

The Philanthropic Heart

How to stop trying to get people to care and start connecting to your true long-term, loyal donors!

This powerful and groundbreaking keynote will completely change how you communicate with and relate to donors, and how you ask those donors for money.

Have you ever wished for a magic formula…the one strategy that will turn anyone you meet into loyal, long-term donors? A magic formula so powerful, you will never have to worry about marketing or fundraising again? I WISH I DID TOO!

Unfortunately, there’s no magic formula but we often act as if there is. We think if we say just the right thing, have the fancy brochure or pitch it the perfect way, then we can convert someone. One more email, appeal letter or cup of coffee. When we try to convince people to care, we don’t take into consideration the donor’s passion or experiences.

This approach making fundraising time-consuming, unproductive and downright disheartening. You can’t make people care. Because why someone cares is not about your words or deeds but their experiences. Each of us has a Philanthropic Heart rooted in the same things all our beliefs are: our childhood experiences. We each own our own.  You cannot change a philanthropic heart, only connect to it.

In this keynote, Maryanne will share The Philanthropic Heart model that shows you how to connect with donors for who they are instead of who you want them to be to form long-term, loyal relationships and make your fundraising joyful and abundant.

Speaker: Maryanne Dersch, Founder & Chief Excitement Officer of Courageous Communication


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